Bush bean soup with ginger and a hint of chili

Bush bean soup with ginger and a hint of chili

At the moment, I'm not into frothy little turrets or turrets Gratble of something - but after strong, down-to-earth food. The herring salad was already a total hit and when I saw yesterday in the lunch break fresh German bush beans in the supermarket, I wanted the immediately in a hot clear soup. With lots of vegetables and a spicy broth. And happy Mettwurst. Jaaaaaa! But I still had to be patient ...

In the evening I came home full of anticipation with my prey and hauled the largest pot from the shelf. The cleaning of the beans (both ends with a small knife cut a bit) takes a little moment, but fresh beans taste really much better than the (sometimes squeaky) TK variant. Kohlrabi and carrots also came in and then simmered gently in beef broth.

And now comes my favorite autumn soup trick: add some chilli flakes and a slice of fresh ginger to the broth a strong, slightly piquant aroma, warms the inside and also has a wonderful antibacterial effect during the cold.

While it is bubbling in the pot you can already bring the baby to bed and read another 2-3 bedtime stories. After Bob built a house in Sonnenblumental and Thomas was once again the greatest locomotive, the soup is ready:

Bush bean soup with ginger and a hint of chili

Here's the complete soup recipe for 2-3 hungry:

500 g bush beans clean and wash, 1 kohlrabi peel and dice and 4 large carrots peel and also dice.

Place 1 liter of beef broth in a large saucepan (eg from Organic Bouillon cubes ) and add the vegetables. Add 1 pinch of chilli and 1 thick slice of fresh ginger to the broth.

2 organic minced sausages with a fork several times puncture and also pour into the broth. Season with 1 teaspoon salt , plenty of black pepper and some nutmeg and simmer gently for 20 minutes.

Then the sausages fish from the soup, slices diagonally and let them soak in the soup for a few minutes.

Finally, season with some salt .

I believe the appropriate adjective is "warming-nourishing" or "super delicious".

Bush bean soup with ginger and a hint of chili